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Divorce in Utah is a complex area of law. Our legal team has guided people through numerous and varied divorce proceedings for years with skill and sensitivity. Whether it is a contested or uncontested divorce, our legal team will help you through the process in a timely, wise, and cost-effective manner.

No matter what your situation looks like today, our legal team understands the law and possess the courtroom skills to help you navigate successfully the legal issue you face. Call our office today to schedule a review of your case.

When you meet with us, you will find the entire firm working with you to achieve your goals. We take on only a limited number of cases at a time so we can focus on your needs and goals.

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Divorce Law

David has successfully represented clients in trials, appeals, mediations, arbitrations and before administrative bodies.
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Other Practice Areas

Other areas of expertise include family, business and employment law.
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David ReadDavid Read practices family law and employment law throughout the Wasatch Front. Prior to working out of his current office, he maintained his practice at the law firm of Strong and Hanni and later at the law firm of Cordell and Cordell. David provides clients with high quality legal representation as he focuses on implementing the most cost-efficient and legally effective strategies. David has been recognized in Utah Business Magazine’s "Utah Legal Elite" and Super Lawyers.

David works closely and effectively with qualified professionals and expert witnesses, including business evaluators, forensic accountants, clinical psychologists, custody evaluators, social workers, and appraisers. David served as a founding editor-in-chief of the Utah Journal of Family Law. He also serves as the Articles Editor of the nationally recognized Journal of Legal Studies Education, a publication of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business.

University of Houston, J.D. 2009

London School of Economics, MSc. 2005

University of Utah, 2004, BA

Practice Areas

Family Law:

  • Spousal support / Alimony
  • Child Support
  • Custody and Visitation
  • Post Divorce Disputes - Modification and Enforcement
  • Premarital and Postmarital Agreements
  • Property Division
  • Business Valuations
  • Litigation in Trial Courts
  • Mediation
  • High Profile / Celebrity Divorces
  • Drugs and Crime in Divorce
  • Domestic Violence
  • Protective Orders
  • Restraining Orders
  • Tax and Financial Planning During Divorce
  • Parentage / Paternity Cases
  • Retirement Plans and Benefits in Divorce
  • Appeals
  • Adoption
  • Juvenile Court
  • Military Divorces
  • Annulments
  • Legal Separation

Employment Law:

Our legal team handles employment and labor law matters for both employees and employers.

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Training in all aspects of the employer-employee relationship
  • Employment discrimination & harassment based on race, gender, national origin, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation & gender identity
  • Hostile Work Environment
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Non-compete Agreements and Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Employment and Severance Agreements
  • Wage and overtime issues
  • Family and Medical Leave Act

Business Law:

  • Contract Disputes
  • Debt Collection
  • More

DUI Defense

Our DUI defense team is dedicated to protecting your due process rights and fighting to avoid the life-altering consequences of a DUI conviction. A DUI charge starts a complicated process that demands a skilled lawyer. Our legal team has successfully defended divorcing clients and business professionals against DUI convictions.



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